At Rajviz, our purpose is to enrich the lives of our customers through technology. Rajviz is owned and operated by Twor India (P) Ltd.

Rajviz Affiliate Network is an open affiliate network that aims to bring a splash of innovation to the industry. We do this by providing unique tools, extensive resources and great offers.

Based in Mumbai, India, we are a professional team who share a passion for affiliate marketing and a commitment to developing software that affiliates love to use.

Founder of Twor India (P) Ltd., started Rajviz Affiliate Network as an initiative to earn more money through social media accounts of users, as the larger open networks were not adapting quickly enough to the needs of both merchants and affiliates. The technology behind Rajviz Affiliate Network has been developed in-house and is both scalable and robust enough to deal with both current and future needs.


Many of the unique tools, widgets and plugins have already seen instant success and the actionable reports are providing the hard facts that other networks don’t want you to know. Best of all, access to Rajviz Affiliate Network is easy and sign up takes less than 30 seconds.